Unforgettable Luxury Villa Rental in Sayulita

Name: Janelle Panther

Date: 5/29/2015

We had the pleasure to stay at Casa Mis Amores for 6 nights. The home is perfection. Incredible outdoor living with all the modern amenities, in your own private jungle environment and private beach. As much as the house takes your breath away, Esther and her friendly staff will take care of all your wishes. Bouncy blowup for the kids, and fabulous watermelon margaritas for the parents. Would recommend renting a golf cart. Lots of fun driving from the house into town (especially at night and going by the cemetery)! The entire experience, from booking with Andre, to arriving to a fully stocked house with all our wishes, first class service during your stay, this is for sure a 5 star get away! Thank you all again!

Una Villa Grande para rentar en Sayulita | Casa Mis Amores

Les doy las gracias a Dios por darme la oportunidad en esta vida de conocerlos y disfrutar estos dias maravillosos en esta casa Mis Amores lo unico real en este mundo es el AMOR y aqui lo siento en todas partes estoy muy agradecido, les deseo con todo mi Corazón mucha felicidad y salud and I'm looking forward for the time we will have ahead the best for you and your families. Your friend Los Quiere - Luis Miguel Amutio